Since its inception, the Internet has offered unlimited commercial potential to individuals who are willing to realize it. The Internet over the years has been full of change. Internet related terms such as email and chat room did not exist in our everyday vocabulary a decade ago. The 21st century has exposed a valuable technological presence in business. Analysts state that the Internet has changed the face of business forever. Now is the time to grasp the competitive advantage that the Internet has to offer. However, it may be difficult to know who to trust or even where to begin. This is where Shaw Internet comes into play. Shaw Internet is comprised of eight full-time experienced employees who are professionally established in the Internet commercial industry. The team is committed to providing webmaster programs based on honesty and mutual respect. Shaw Internet is known for making timely payments to their associates so that they may share in the prosperity that the Internet offers. The promise of the Internet has never been better as the world moves into the information age. We are here to help our associates capitalize on this opportunity.

Shaw Internet has its sights set on expanding its Internet presence while remaining faithful to our mission of maintaining the highest level of service possible to the customer and webmaster. For 2001, we are striving to improve upon our current adult pay sites and webmaster programs. In addition we are looking to branch out into promoting mainstream projects. Our main goal is to secure both YOUR and OUR financial growth. We will achieve this by providing you with high-quality programs, whether they fall into the adult or mainstream spectrum. We will still place our highest priority on customer service for both you and the surfer.